No-one can cut corners with metal

And that is a fact, because the use of metal, for whatever purpose, is a reliable material and very difficult to break down, even when extreme and unnecessary force is applied. Because metal can be recycled and re-used when deliberately broken down for these purposes, metal of all forms and varieties becomes a sustainable force in more ways than one. We have mentioned how metal intricacies are sustainable in the environmentally friendly manner.

But what of it in the production arena. Equally sustainable, if not, more so. Metal is not plastic and stationery items rarely need replacing. Plastic breaks easily and while it can be recycled and re-used, just like metal, it is still one of the largest and worst pollutants known to mankind. But with this in mind, always bear this in mind; there will never be a need to cut metal corners. As stationery accoutrements, these corners allow you to maintain precision and order.

Two of the most functional and widely used metal implements in the office environment are the metal corners and clipboard clips. Metal has many other uses too. These include securing your metal or brass keys with key rings, securing your most important financial data in wallet hardware, and securing your waist nicely with a metal buckle. You may be a good hoarder of essential printed documents in your office.

You secure these nicely with spring flex rings. And you lock your office door securely at night with a metal key after gently closing the door with your fist firmly bunched over the metal door handle. Take pen and paper and see how many other ideas you can come up with that uses metal to secure your life with and leave you living and working as sustainably as possible.