If your area has a store that sells frozen yogurt products, you already have the perfect healthy snack to get when you’re on your way to work or to the gym. Frozen yogurt is the low-fat, low-calorie healthy alternative to ice cream that is packed full of probiotics to give you a boost when you need a good snack.

If you’re not in the mood for something cold, a great snack option that you could pack at home would be nuts. Nuts are good to snack on in any form and you could even make your own trail mix by adding a few dried fruits. If you’re looking for something different, you can also snack on different type of nut butters. Many people buy single-serving pouches of nut butters such as almond butter and peanut butter that they can eat as is when they’re getting hungry throughout the day. Storing a few of these in your handbag or laptop bag will help you to resist the temptation to buy unhealthy snacks from a store.

When you’re around the house and you’re craving something sweet, don’t give into the urge and eat a whole chocolate bar. Instead, freeze grapes and keep them for when you have those sugary craving. Frozen grapes make the perfect snack since they don’t freeze solid, but instead resemble the consistency of a Popsicle. These small snacks will fill you up and put those sugary cravings to rest without making you consume a boat-load of unhealthy sugars and calories.

If you’re not a fan of frozen fruit, dried fruit could be for you. Try to avoid any brands that coat their fruit in sugar and stick to the most natural product available. Dried fruit are basically like candy that won’t make you put on a ton of weight.